Pregnancy is a wonderful journey from a small embryo till delivery of the baby. This journey is laced with joy, happiness and enthusiasm above all else.

We involve you in every step of your journey and support you through this pivotal phase of your life. But during this journey there may remain some obstacles in some groups of women. These women suffer from what’s known as high risk pregnancies, and these high-risk pregnancies can be dealt with experience and supportive treatment from a medical establishment that’s truly patient centric. We at Polyclinic is one such experienced medical establishment in dealing with these high-risk pregnancies in the utmost professional manner with a fruitful outcome for both the mother and the baby. Our doctors are highly qualified in facing any sort of challenges and have a proven track record of delivering healthy babies with no issues.

Specialist In High Risk Pregnancy

  • Heart disease in pregnancy
  • Hyper-intensive disorders in pregnancy
  • Diabetic in pregnancy
  • Asthma in pregnancy
  • Rheumatological disorders in pregnancy like SLE, APLAS Epilepsy in pregnancy
  • Haematological disorders in pregnancy
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